Friday, 12 June 2009

Buzzing around like a buzy Bee...

That's me at the moment. My first craft fair is tomorrow! I still have so much unfinished but I needed to take 5 minutes out and catch everyone up on what is going on around here.

I'm feeling much better now - still being careful with what I eat. Lost a few pounds though so every cloud of food poisoning has a silver lining lol.

Our server seems to be working ok now - finger's crossed. It was one of those heart dropping moments when everything went offline and I thought I was going to have several weeks of putting it all back together. Thankfully they were able to restore it all.

The Easy Craft Projects DT call is still going on - get your applications sent to me at You can find out more about the DT call here.

I'll also be working on the launch of the new ECP website after the weekend is over. My time management needs to get much better lol.

So if you're in the UK and are going to be anywhere near Bakewell tomorrow. Pop along to the craft fair through the gardens and come see me!

Lisa x

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


For any of you who are trying to access Craft Journal or Easy Craft Projects, I have to appologise as we are suffering huge technical diffiuclties at the moment. Our server company has has all it's servers crashed and we are still waiting on the result of ours. I will keep you posted on progress. We are doing everything we can to get Easy Craft Projects & Craft Journal back online asap.

Anyone who has submitted a DT application and has not received a confimation from me, please leave a comment here and I will get back to you as all our emails are down and we wont have received your application.

All this on top of food poisoning and rushing around getting things ready for my first craft fair this weekend - oh what a week!

Lisa x