Saturday, 31 January 2009

New Shoes!

I've been looking for some new shoes for work for weeks now. And Thursday, I saw these...

...I'm loving the little white bows. The add just something a little different to a pair of boring black shoes so I love them.

I've also had my first class of the year this week. An Introduction to Scrapbooking. It went ok. Turnout was a bit slow but our customers just aren't big scrapbookers. I think I have got the few that came hooked though lol. My next one is in a couple of weeks - Shaped Cards.

I've also been creating some things a little bit different this week thanks to a couple of books that have come my way. You will be able to find out more about them soon when their reviews go up on Easy Craft Project. But for now, here is a little sneak.,.

I've also got another 3 days off (Tuesday to Thursday) next week so I'm hoping to be able to find some time for scrapping, getting a few pieces done for online and hopefully find time for myself.

I'm also completely hooked on this game after getting a DS for Christmas.

Just off for a curry now hehe.

Lisa x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Some creativity and music...

I've been doing some scrapping - inspired by AW's 'Love Yourself in 2009' class. All the pictures and words are dreams I have for the future.

I would love to live in a little quirky cottage with a little garden - somewhere with lots of history, character and the interior to show it.

Someday I'd like to be my own boss - own a little shabby chic furniture and gift shop - like Buttercup & Roses.

I want to get married. We've been engaged for over 2 years now and it doesn't seem like a wedding is getting any closer. I know that's not either of our faults. We just can't afford it, but someday I hope we can - get the day that we both want.

And at some point in the future - I'd love a family of our own.

Some of those dreams will take lots of years to accomplish but I really hope, I believe that we can make them come true.

I've also been putting together some music tracks to inspire me in my challenge to get healthy and be happy. These are songs that are upbeat and I just love, some are songs with words that really get to me - that I understand. I'm going to add them to my player on the right soon.

Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Pink - So What
Noah and the Whale - 5 Years Time
The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go
Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Klass Vocal Edit)
Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
The Verve - Bitterweet Symphony

I've also been creating a couple of cards today for birthday's coming up shortly...

Lisa x

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Indigo Mill...

Just a quick one today to tell you that Indigo Mill is back online wih a gorgeous new look and some exciting new kits. I've totally fallen in love with the 'After Eights' kit. I just love those papers and I must get my hands on some soon! It reminds me of vintage wallpaper which I love also. If you've seen any of my recent LOs I am loving vintage in a big way and can't wait to be able to go and find some more.

(If anyone knows of good places in the Midlands for vintage supplies let me know.)

Well, to celebrate the relaunch of Indigo Mill, Steph is offering some exclusive blog candy - in the form of papers exclusively available via Indigo Mill in the UK. So get in quick!

Lisa x

Friday, 16 January 2009

A lil inspiration...

That is what I have been looking for today. I've seen so many gorgeous bags out there -both in shops & online and I have decided that I could try and do that myself. I picked up some fabric last year and have never found a use for it until now.

How gorgeous does this bag look? I found it on Jodie's blog - Ric Rac. She's even nice enough to share a tutorial so we can all make it - in 1 hour. Well we'll see how that part goes but I'm sure going to give it a try.

I also found this bag over at Buttonberry but I think I'm going to start with something simple before trying my hand at patchwork.

I had also created a space on my desk the other day for my sewing machine to use on scrapbook LOs, so perfect timing.

It'll probably take a few weeks before I have anything to show you but for those of you that know me, I always have lots of plans on the go.

Lisa x

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A little bit creative...

A day off today and I have actually been scrapbooking! I know - it was a shock for me too. The last proper LO I created was back in October. I'm really happy with how this LO turned out.

It is all about my goals for 2009. Inspired by AW's class, I wrote down what I want to achieve this year and turned it into a LO.

My goals are:
1. Lose weight.
2. Learn to use my camera and new flash properly.
3. Set up my new blog (check one already!)
4. Do plenty of walking in the country.
5. Start my challenge blog (you'll hear more about this soon I hope).

So this is what I want to achieve this year. Hopefully in 11 and a half months I'll be able to say 'Yes, I completed all these goals'. I am going to remain postive that I can achieve them. I'm hoping that this year is going to be a much better one for myself and all those I love.

I have also be creating a project for Easy Craft Projects. Here's a little sneak...

As for the rest of my week...

Monday was pretty much as I thought it would be. A waste of time at the hospital with Dad. The consultant is trying him on yet some more medication. This must be about the 30th prescription he's been on in the last 12 months. Fingers crossed yet again.

Rainbows went well though. All the girls are really sweet. I think they enjoyed themselves - making name badges, colouring and playing some games. Next week we will be introducing them to the Brownies for a joint singalong.

I've not been doing too well with my eating healthily and exercising. I've been a little slack on the exercise front the last few days but that has been because of my back playing up again. I was back on the bike tonight though.

Lisa x

Saturday, 10 January 2009

A new beginning

For those of you that have followed my old blog, you will know of all the problems I have been having with it recently so here I am - new year, new start, new goals and a new blog to record them all.

I'm curently taking part in SISTV & Ashley Wren's 'Love yourself in 2009' class and I must say - it's awesome. My big change this year is to get healthy. I am watching what I'm eating, excercising & recording it all thanks to AW. The class has only been live since Monday and already there are so many supportive ladies there. We're all keeping each other going and I really think that this year I am going to be able to make it work.

As well as this new me, I am also continuing with my crafting. I have new plans for Easy Craft Projects & Craft Journal. I plan to actually find some time this year to scrapbook for myself and hopefully kick off my challenge blog which has been sat there with lots of plans and nothing happening for months now.

As for what is going on right now...

Dad is still at home, ill. He's got an appointment to see a consultant at the hospital on Monday so we'll see what comes of that.

It is so cold in the UK right now. I don't think I've really been warm for about 3 days now lol. I finally have a day off tomorrow. We're hoping to go out somewhere but we have no plans as of yet lol.

Do you like my blog banner? It's the only creative thing I've done so far this year. I have a list of cards that need to be made and photos that need to be scrapped but I don't have much inspiration at the moment. I think it's just because I'm really tired. Hopefully I'll be hit with some tonight.

Rainbows is starting Monday - we've been trying to set up a new Rainbow unit for months and it's finally happening. It's my first time as Guider in charge and I'm really looking forwards to doing all the activities we have planned with the girls.

I've also got a new class at work in a couple of weeks. We're going to be making this mini scrapbook. Just need to get people signed up now.


Lisa x