Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A little bit creative...

A day off today and I have actually been scrapbooking! I know - it was a shock for me too. The last proper LO I created was back in October. I'm really happy with how this LO turned out.

It is all about my goals for 2009. Inspired by AW's class, I wrote down what I want to achieve this year and turned it into a LO.

My goals are:
1. Lose weight.
2. Learn to use my camera and new flash properly.
3. Set up my new blog (check one already!)
4. Do plenty of walking in the country.
5. Start my challenge blog (you'll hear more about this soon I hope).

So this is what I want to achieve this year. Hopefully in 11 and a half months I'll be able to say 'Yes, I completed all these goals'. I am going to remain postive that I can achieve them. I'm hoping that this year is going to be a much better one for myself and all those I love.

I have also be creating a project for Easy Craft Projects. Here's a little sneak...

As for the rest of my week...

Monday was pretty much as I thought it would be. A waste of time at the hospital with Dad. The consultant is trying him on yet some more medication. This must be about the 30th prescription he's been on in the last 12 months. Fingers crossed yet again.

Rainbows went well though. All the girls are really sweet. I think they enjoyed themselves - making name badges, colouring and playing some games. Next week we will be introducing them to the Brownies for a joint singalong.

I've not been doing too well with my eating healthily and exercising. I've been a little slack on the exercise front the last few days but that has been because of my back playing up again. I was back on the bike tonight though.

Lisa x

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Kim Dellow said...

Oh wow Lisa, this LO is wonderful. Sorry to hear about the Docs :( Kim