Saturday, 10 January 2009

A new beginning

For those of you that have followed my old blog, you will know of all the problems I have been having with it recently so here I am - new year, new start, new goals and a new blog to record them all.

I'm curently taking part in SISTV & Ashley Wren's 'Love yourself in 2009' class and I must say - it's awesome. My big change this year is to get healthy. I am watching what I'm eating, excercising & recording it all thanks to AW. The class has only been live since Monday and already there are so many supportive ladies there. We're all keeping each other going and I really think that this year I am going to be able to make it work.

As well as this new me, I am also continuing with my crafting. I have new plans for Easy Craft Projects & Craft Journal. I plan to actually find some time this year to scrapbook for myself and hopefully kick off my challenge blog which has been sat there with lots of plans and nothing happening for months now.

As for what is going on right now...

Dad is still at home, ill. He's got an appointment to see a consultant at the hospital on Monday so we'll see what comes of that.

It is so cold in the UK right now. I don't think I've really been warm for about 3 days now lol. I finally have a day off tomorrow. We're hoping to go out somewhere but we have no plans as of yet lol.

Do you like my blog banner? It's the only creative thing I've done so far this year. I have a list of cards that need to be made and photos that need to be scrapped but I don't have much inspiration at the moment. I think it's just because I'm really tired. Hopefully I'll be hit with some tonight.

Rainbows is starting Monday - we've been trying to set up a new Rainbow unit for months and it's finally happening. It's my first time as Guider in charge and I'm really looking forwards to doing all the activities we have planned with the girls.

I've also got a new class at work in a couple of weeks. We're going to be making this mini scrapbook. Just need to get people signed up now.


Lisa x


Tracey said...

The new blog looks fab Lisa & I love the header :o) Here's hoping you have a great 2009!


Kim Dellow said...

Hey Lisa, Love the new banner. Hope your Dad is ok and good on you with your 2009 New start wishes - go for it :) Kimx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

The new blog looks so clean and fresh! I'll certainly be checking back to see how things are going.

Hope your dad gets well soon.

Rachel said...

Congrats on the new blog! I started blogging for the first time this week, too and have blogged everyday! I love it but the daily thing will fade!
LOVE the blog header :)