Saturday, 20 March 2010

For those of your who haven't been checking out my Twitter posts over there on the right. Altered Chic joined the wondeful world of!

You can take a look at my pages here.

We'll be stocking homeware and gifts - candles, soaps, bunting, letters, notice boards and much more. Most of the items will be exclusive to NOTHS but as usual you can buy many other items on the website over at Altered Chic or at our local craft fairs.

The Indie Biz class is also well underway and bringing lots of exciting ideas to the surface. Hopefully I'll be able to share a few of these soon!

Lisa x

1 comment:

Hearthandmade said...

i love that shop but theres a lot on it i want that cant afford! How did you approach those guys to sell your stuff?
Going to check it out now :)
im glad indie biz has connected so many ppl!