Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Time for a spring clean...

My studio has been looking unfinished and a mess since last year. I have had way too much on my plate and tidying up is always last on the to-do list.

I have just under 4 weeks until the next craft fair and I'm determined to give the studio a spring clean and make it look all pretty again.

To get myself inspired I've been looking for pretty craft room/studio pictures...

Elsie's old studio

I just love all those pretty bright colours in jars and the turquoise cutting mat. I'm in the middle of giving my business a 'sprig clean' too and adding some colour is high on the list.

Country Living

I love how fresh this craft room looks. I need a lot of storage for all my supplies and it would be nice to have some furniture to be able to hide the messy objects in. Maybe I need to go hunt some down on Ebay.

Singer Sewing Machine

I have a beautiful old Singer sewing machine. I just don't have anywhere to keep it right now so it's stored away. I think this must be something I need to solve!

SouleMama's Craft Room

Have you seen the colour of those walls?! They're gorgeous. I love the way everything 'pops' against them. I don't really have time to repaint but I think I'm going to put up lots of new artworks. I also love those fabric filled embroidery hoops hanging on the wall. I've seen them done before but grouped together they look extra pretty. Plus I have some nice fabrics I'd love to show off.

Central Workstation

I used to have my desk facing into the middle of the room. It used to be a bit messy with all the cables to my PC but if I could find a clever way to hide them - or even better, find somewhere else for my computer I'd love a central workdesk again. (My desk is currently tucked away in the corner and I don't get much natural light to it.)

Pretty Storage

I need to make my storage a little prettier. Most of it I bought around 5 years ago when I was getting ready to move to Edinburgh and money was very tight. Ikea was very 'in' at the time - especially those card boxes with the metal trims. I'm sure you know the ones. I have a few in different colours (collected from verious rooms in the house over time). I'm thinking, seeing as I can't afford new ones that I'll cover some of them with pretty papers. The same for the magazine files. I also have a pretty wire cupcake stand bought for my craft fair displays that I'm no longer using so I will have to make use of that too.

Wilna's Studio

I think this is my favourite studio/craft room. I love the freshness of it. She seems to have got everything just right. Again I think it helps that the awkward supplies can be kept out of sight. And who wouldn't want a chandlier in their craft room?!

If you have any other ideas for me to make my studio look prettier and more organised, or just some photos of craft rooms to share post them in the comments. I'd love to see them.

Lisa x


thursday said...

Ohhh, all this craft room inspiration is making my stomach flutter. I recently re-did my craft room and blogged about it. You can see the post here:

Jennifer said...

LOVE all those great craft rooms!

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OH MY GOD...that´s why i Just haven´t got married yet...first I need a craft room like those! hehe xoxoxo ...