Sunday, 6 September 2009

An amazingly bad week!

At this point if anything else goes wrong I am seriously considering selling up and going back to rented accomodation!

This week just started bad and got worse and worse.

Monday morning and I got a text to say we'd got a powercut. No - the waste pipe on the dishwasher had got loose and wet all the back of the machine - including all the electrics.

John checked the shower - the fuse switch had gone black. The electric had burnt out the switch, melting the plastic and insulation of the cable behind! We're so lucky that it we found it and that it hadn't started a fire!

We then had to spend the next few days with now shower - do you know how awkward it is to wash hair over the sink with a plastic cup when you have a bad back?! lol

We also had no dishwasher. The house was already upside down from my craft room being moved around.

Thanksfully, the dishwasher dried out and worked - only for the same b***** thing to happen again! Thankfully this morning it had dried out AGAIN and is working.

The shower is now back working - after 8 hours of work, needing to replace not only the electrics but the water pipe as well, and tiles now needing to be put back onto the wall.

My craft room is still upside down - that was supposed to be what we'd be sorting today.

So much other stuff has gone this week too that I've lost track. I'm hoping that tomorrow morning, the start of a new week, will bring us some better luck.

On another note - we're looking for new writers for Craft Journal if anyone is interested...go over and take a look.

Lisa x


Norma Kennedy said...

OH NOOOO Lisa ! I so understand.
Our dishwasher backed up too and we did not know it so we had water everywhere.....uuuuggghh! Hope next week is a much better week ♥

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Oh Lisa! What a bum time you're having atm.

All will be good again soon though, I'm sure.