Sunday, 6 June 2010

A weekend off!

Saturday was John's birthday so we made the decision to have a few days off. No work, no uni, just us and our family.

Have you seen the nice weather we've been having in the UK? It's the kind of lovely sunny weather that you know wont last so you have to make the most if it. Which means... BBQ! We had both my parents and John's parents round for a BBQ at our house on Friday. 11 people! We've never had 11 people eating at the same time in our house before. Our house isn't so big so it will only happen at BBQs.
Saturday was spent relaxing and visiting Clumber Park. I did take my camera so I'll share some photos soon. Unknown to us it was 1940s weekend! Lots of people in costume, vintage cars and a Spitfire flyover. What a lovely suprise.

(Not my photo but wow what a spread! Image courtesy of

Lisa x

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