Sunday, 10 October 2010

DIY: Birthday Book

Here's a pretty organisation project. Not only can you record all your friend and family birthdays on the calendar pages, each month is also an envelope for you to store cards in until you send them!

Birthday Book

14 Brown envelopes (I used A5 but you could make a larger A4 one)
2 pieces of card (same size as your envelopes)
A4 paper
Patterned paper (I only used 1 double-sided sheet!)
Coordinating cardstock
Ribbons & braids
Tissue paper
Vintage Buttons
Border Punch
Bind It All machine & wires
Alphabet Stickers (+/or computer)
General craft tools and adhesives

The DIY:

Birthday Book Detail

Put your pieces of card inside two of your envelopes and seal - these will be your covers. For the other 12 envelopes, stick the tabs of the envelopes inside the envelope to create a pocket.

Birthday Book Paper Flower

To create the paper flower - cut lots of circles from tissue paper. Using a circle paper punch will make this easier. Stick them all together in the centre and stick a vintage button on top. Crumple up all the layers of tissue paper to give your flower shape.

Birthday Book Cover

Decorate your front cover. Cut a piece of patterned paper and punch along the bottom edge using a decorative punch. Stick this in place on your cover. Add a piece of braid and a piece of ric-rac, your paper flower, more vintage buttons and your alphabet stickers.

Birthday Book November

Create a title for each pocket using a couple of pieces of patterned paper/cardstock, braid or ribbon and a title. These were printed on the computer, cut out, and a hand-drawn border added. You could use more alphabet sticker, stamps or rub-ons if you wish.

Birthday Book January

To make your calendars, cut pieces of white paper to fit your pockets. Hand draw a grid of 5 boxes across and 6 boxes down. For months with 31 days you wil need to split the bottom right box with a diagonal line. Write, stamp or stick on numbers for the days of the month.

Birthday Book April

Using your Bind-It-All, bind all your pages and covers together to create your book.

Lisa x

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