Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Bank Holiday Weekend

As well as busily making lots and lots of products ready for the shop opening, we managed to find some time to get out over the Easter weekend and enjoyed a lovely walk and picnic at Clumber Park.

One of our favourite parts of Clumber Park is the Kitchen Gardens. Full of lots of vegetables and trees in the most gorgeous of settings, it is such an inspiring place for any gardener.

The orchard full of blossom.

Even the drain covers in the greenhouse are pretty.

Rows of herbs and new trees line the centre path.

Looking through the stone arches.

I wish I had as many strawberry plants as there are here.

Looking up to the greenhouse from the main entrance.

Our garden is also coming along well with our tomato plants in the greenhouse and the beans, potatoes and shallots outside. I'll take some photos and write an update shortly.

Lisa x


elisabeth said...

this place is amazing!

i love the stone arches.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, beautiful photos, what a gorgeous place! Look like the perfect spot to read a book to me :D