Monday, 16 February 2009

All we need is love...

..tah dah dah tah dah. I love this time of year - Valentine's. I have to admit that I am one of those soppy women who love a good rom-com chick flick, and I do believe that although some things in them may well be extremely cheesy - I want them to happen to me too!

My absolute favourite chick flick is 'Love Actually' and one of my favourite scenes is at the beginning in the church when all the band jumps up and starts playing to the suprise of the bride and groom. That was a kind of long explanation of the title of the post but hey, I'm in a lovey dovey mood this week lol.

Having Valentine's Day at the weekend was great. Both John and Me were at home so we got to spend the whole day together. We cooked a delicious Indian meal and settled down to watch a film.

We've been doing that much more recently - making the time to be able to settle down and watch a film or something and it's been great. We spent way too many months taking on too much work and hardly being able to spend any quality time together. We have definetly got to keep this new 'us'.

Saturday was also the beginning of my 9 days off work. The last time I spent a week of work was last summer and I am so glad for some me time. I've been having real trouble with my back again so hopefully being able to rest this week will fix that too.

I have been able to catch up a little on some things that I needed to do. I was sent some awesome crafting books a couple of weeks ago to review and I have finally finished them. It's taken so long because I wanted to actually attempt a project from each book to see exactly how easy they are to follow. So today I made this shopping bag from Irresistible Bags. It's actually designed as a bag to fetch in your fresh vegetable from the garden - we're actually going to attempt to grow some this year so it'll come in handy.

I'm still working on the new design for Easy Craft Projects - it's going to take a lot of work but hopefully it's all going to be worth it.

The new writing team has been chosen at Craft Journal too and I'll be announcing it later this evening.

Lisa x


sharon said...

Hi Lisa...I'm a bit paranoid now with regards emails ..(which I did reply to from my blog) so thought I better back it up with a comment on your blog to say....I havn't had any emails from yourself...not quit6e sure what's going on there but did think it strange that I hadn't heard from you.
Anyway..hopefully speak soon.


the dreamer said...

Hi, Lisa! Just wanted to let you know I had trouble accessing the Craft Journal site for a while now since you emailed me about the writer position.

But I finally got to see the site again tonight! Yay!

So excited to be working with all you talented ladies and looking forward to getting to know you all! =)