Tuesday, 24 February 2009

See what happens...

...when you don't throw anything out. My Mum was sorting through her office and found a stack of what she thought were blank CDs. Turned out that when she checked she found an old CD of mine. It was full of all the photos I took whilst I was in Greece in 2005.

What happened in 2006 was that my laptop croaked and I lost all my old photos - everything from before we moved to Edinburgh. Which meant all my holiday photos, school leaving photos, prom photos - everything. I managed to get a few back with help from some friends & those which I had already scrapped but these I thought were lost completely.

I thought I'd share a few of them with you...

That last one was taken by the awesome barman at a cocktail bar. He was new, and was having as much trying to make all these cocktails as we were drinking them. Well almost, there was this one that John ordered that was just foul! I wouldn't have asked my worst enemy to drink that lol.

Back to the present - I have been playing with my new phone. My contract was up and I decided that as my old phone was scratched and tatty that I should get a new one as I was still paying the contract. I chose the new INQ1 social network phone. It has Facebook, Messenger and all sorts of things built into it. I'm just waiting for the 4th March now when my new free tarriff upgrade changes so that I wont be charged for using them.

Thought if anyone else has this phone and knows how to change the SMS settings so that it automatically writes with capital letters at the beginning of each sentence I would be greatful as it really bugs me to write in all lower case.

Rainbows last night - they must be settling in because they are getting louder lol. The first couple of weeks none of them would hardly speak a word unless asked to. Some are still finding it hard to gain the courage but some of the girls are loving it now - telling us about their week off and what they've been up to. They were decorating shoe boxes last night to use as mini time capsule type things - the idea being they put in some of the favourite things and then open the box again once they finish Rainbows and see what's changed.

Monday nights also mean 24! Yay Jack Bauer saving the day again! I don't think I can wait till next weeks episode... I'm not going to spoil it though in case anyone hasn't watched it yet.

Don't forget I'm introducing the new writers on Craft Journal this week so go check that out too.

Lisa x

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