Monday, 9 February 2009

And so it continues...

...snowing at least.

Our road has been iced up since last Monday and it seems no closer to getting back to normal. As I write this, the snow has just turned to sleet. I think we've only had 2 days where snow hasn't fallen in the last 8 days!

This is the UK! It doesn't snow here. Or, when it does, it only lasts for about an hour, doesn't settle anyway and within a day you'd forgotten all about it.

What is with the world at the moment? We're having the worst snowfall in 18 years and record low temperatures. And over the other side of the world, they haven't had rain in weeks and are suffering terrible bush fires. Are we stuck in a version of 'The Day After Tomorrow'?

Well here are a few photos I took last Thursday - it snowed 4 inches (my sister actually got the ruler out) in two hours. These photos are from my parents front window.

Due to the extreme weather, things have just been so strange the last week. We just didn't know when we'd be at work, what we'd be doing or anything.

Though... we have our brand new dishwasher fitted thanks to John & my Dad. We may actually have clean dishes around our house now! That makes me sound like a right scruff doesn't it? lol. We're not that bad, it's just that we're always so busy. Even when we're at home we have so much other work to do, and by the time we've waited for the water to heat up there just isn't any time to actually wash many pots (or it's stupidly late and we should be in bed).

It's a good job that our gas bills will be cut back lots though seeing as we received our power bill the other day. We thought that it would go down slightly (or at least stay the same) as we'd be paying off 12months of electricity and gas over 6 months - but no - it's gone up another £10. Our bill is huge to say there is only two of us in this household.

Oh well, we all knew it was coming I suppsose - even if we didn't want to think about it.

Here's a photo John shot this afternoon whilst Millie was doing her usual 'I'm king of the world' routine. She does pick her times to go on top of my unit - when my craft room is in moving status & everthing is out all over the place.

What I have ahead of me this week...

Doctor's checkup tomorrow. They'll probably just tell me I'm overweight still and send me on my way so nothing new there. I have 3 more days in work before a whole 9 days off! Yay for me. We've got some cookery type party thing to go to that was delayed from last week because of the snow. Apart from that, there's nothing out of the ordinary...

Just my little busy life as usual.

Lisa x

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