Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Making plans...

...for the last few weeks I've been thinking alot about what my future holds for me. For those of you who don't know, we are merging our haberdashery and craft shop into one premises which means I will no longer be manager. My job is safe - I will be doing alot of other things around the shop including running all the online stuff. It's just made me think about what I actually want to do with my life.

I took a look at the local college to see what they were offering. I love the idea of getting back into doing something creative but with money how it is, I can't afford to cut my hours down at work which rules pretty much all the arty type courses out. I have been looking into graphic design though and after a bit of research I have found many people who have self-taught graphic design. I've not had much chance to look at it in great detail yet but it is certainly something that I'm interested in. If anyone has any information that they think may be helpful then let me know.

As well as all this future thinking, I have been up to quite a bit in the present. Sunday was spent mostly in the garden again. We're taking advantage of the dry weather and set about de-weeding and planting new plants. Now this patch of garden was completely covered in weeds and after a couple of hours it now looks like this...

We're having some 6 foot trees delivered in a couple of weeks to create a 'screen' to try and make the patio area more private. Now we just have to hope for a nice summer so we can actually enjoy all our hard work.

Craft Journal has been relaunched with a brand new look to go with our brand new writing team. The ladies are doing an excellent job in bringing some inspiration to us all so go check it out.

I've finally did some scrapping! This is only my second page of the year. I know I am shocked too! I jut haven't had the chance or the inspiration but I finally used the gorgeous Indigo Mill After Eight papers and a montage of photos of our view when it was snowing to produce this...

I've also created this little pocket sized address book for Easy Craft Projects. I've used the Kaboodle Doodles Morris Dance paper kit. You can see how I made it here.

I think that's about all I've been doing. I have the day off today so I'm going to get my SIS swap done, finish off a few other little things, do some housework and then hopefully cuddle up with John tonight to watch a film. Good times.

Lisa x


sharon said...

oohh Lisa..that LO is gorgeous..I love a lot.
My advice..follow your dreams..I studied graphic design back in 1989 but to be honest with you learnt a lot of it myself..if you have more of an idea what you actually want to go into..I will be more than help if i know where I am.

Enjoy your night..
ps...I downloaded Firefox to see what you actually meant!...oohh..everything all over the now.xx

Stephanie Parsloe said...

LOVE what you did with that kit, well done! Can you email it over for the blog / site?

Gorgeous, love how you've layered up the photos too

Steph x