Sunday, 29 August 2010

Outdoor Photo Session

The weather was lovely, bright and warm on friday so I took advantage and decided to photograph some of my brand new products outdoors for Altered Chic. I love taking photos with interesting backdrops. I thought I'd share this little peek into one of our new products - available soon!

The cats weren't being too helpful though. They kept interupting my photo shoot and walking into the shots. I decided to give them a bit of what they wanted (plus here's another sneaky peek)...

Lisa x


Killiecrankie Farm said...

gorgeous tea cups !
I really can relate to your four goals (especially the tidy house = less stress) - what a great way to commit to them by bloging them - hope to see your crochets for you posted soon :)

Hearthandmade said...

my cats always are unhelpfully helpful. And photo bombing!

I cant wait to see your crochet! Hope they make it to the flickr group!

i have the etigee. The top currently houses my pearls!

Natasha said...

Those teacup candles are gorgeous! I posted about wanting make some of these a while ago but have been too busy to even think about it. You have inspired me to give it a go on our Spring break!

Best wishes,

ladyjanet_56 said...

I love these candles the puss looks like my late henry, thanks for the reply Janet