Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Now that I am working full time at the shop and most of my studio has moved to work, there is alot of free space at home. It is currently a huge mess upstairs but this year I plan to get it all organised starting with the bedroom.

We are going to move our bedroom to the larger front room which was previously used as the studio/office. We bought a dark wooden bed last year so our new colour scheme will need to work with dark furniture.

Here are a few examples I've found today...

I love the rich tones of this room, it gives it a luxorious feel.

This room feels so light and bright even though the bed is dark and quite overpowering.

This room is quite modern compared to the others. I love the crochet throw.

I love the muted background colour of this room.

This Safari styled room is so light and airy even with the dark furniture. The window is the new bedroom is North-facing meaning there is never much sunlight light so any colour scheme needs to be mostly quite light.

The photos I've found are all quite neutral in colour. I would love to find some examples with colour and dark furniture. If anyone knows of any, please share a link.

Lisa x

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