Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Week 1: Tomato Soup, Croutons & Guacamole

This week's recipe was taken from Jamie's 30 Minute Meals. If you have the book the recipe can be found on page 78.

The basic idea behind Jamie Oliver's book is that a homecooked meal can be made within 30 minutes - ideal for those who find it hard to make the time for cooking.

The meal actually included Prune puddings for dessert but as I can't actually stand prunes I swapped it for a bowl of ice-cream.

The soup and guacamole platter were pretty easy to make...

Roast your tomatoes in the oven with fresh red chilli and crushed garlic. Drizzle ciabatta chunks with olive oil and roast in the oven till crispy. Chop onions and cook in a pan with balsamic vinegar. Chop a handful of cherry tomatoes, some chilli and fresh coriander. Add your roasting tomatoes to the pan of onions. Chop avacado and add lime juice. Cut your vegetables into pieces for dipping. Blend your tomatoes with fresh basil and creme fraiche. Serve with your croutons.

I also added an extra dollop of creme fraiche and reduced the amount of chilli recommended as both the soup and guacomole were still quite fiery with the reduced measures.

The meal took around 40 minutes to make but as I'd never cooked this recipe before this was still a super quick dinner. And it was yummy! I would definetly recommend trying it.

Lisa x

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